VOVIE : 33% Funded 1st 24 Hours @indiegogo! Secure, Lowest Cost, Team HD Phone & All VPN App!

Meet VOVIE: Voice Video Encrypted direct VPN to friends App. Take back your privacy, lower your phone cost and upgrade to HD 48 kHz P2P communications. Step up to 500% clearer calls than landlines,1200% faster internet connection control, 700% faster any file share and 250% faster VOIP, Chat delivery. VOVIE is a new way to communicate at home, business or play.

VOVIE brings secure AES Unbroken Encryption, Cost-less Full HD audio and video direct communications to people.

Simple, straight, direct connections, instant Text, Share Play; Video, Movies, Photos, and more. Compatible with IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Android, SAP, Oracle, and other files.

VOVIE is faster, lower data cost, longer battery life and the highest resolution. Check: https://goo.gl/XBkhhJ

Problem: Did you know? ISP’s, regulators, spies & hackers are copying your private information using their protocols inside your devices. They send your information to remote servers, locate you, copy and mine your communications? Did you know their copies: drop YOUR signal quality, and increase YOUR data cost 50% to 80%? This process uses 30% to 50% of your battery power.

Solution: GO direct, go faster, go higher resolution, and go end to end weapons grade encryption over mobile connections. VOVIE injects smart software processors, engines, artificial intelligent (AI), and advanced audio/video codecs into your device. Plug and play, no wait state multi-tasking across full HD direct internet connections to friends.


vovie.com, How does VOVIE compare: iPhone/Skype/Instragram/Snapchat? VOVIE is direct, private, HD communications software with benefits! 200-500% Higher Call Resolution & 50-80% Less Data Cost 30-50% Longer Battery Life for Calls, Video Chat & Video Streams 7X Faster Share all Files, 90% Faster www Network Control 20dB Higher Efficiency Signal Boosts Link throughput, 300%! 100% Private, No Spies, No Backdoor, No Malware Access at All VOVIE’s Texts are up to 1400 Characters

After decades of success building advanced computing technology, our founders saw the need for a better way to communicate. We wanted private clear voice calls, HD group video conferencing & faster streaming over low-cost, low speed connections. We decided to build a communication system for friends, family and businesses. After 5 years of self-funding, design and programming the no wait state engines required, we are ready to launch and seek your crowdfunding support. Norm Towson co-invented a battery powered telegraph and radio in 4th grade, helped a math teacher build a computer in high school, and started building mini computers in college & never stopped. Since, nearly 100 products including: 1st fail safe minicomputer, 1st IBM PC disk drive (Tandon), 1st high storage capacity PC, 1st zero wait state PC (Silicon Valley Computer), 1st battery operated PC (Pilot) & 1st all in one single board PC (Intel). His last product: US Patent 8073675, disk storage computer on chip, is now used by YouTube, Netflix & Amazon to store-stream HD videos & movies worldwide. Ted Rybicki, began working on ham radios, repairing and manufacturing computers in high school and college. During his 26 year career at HP; he became an HP Fellow and co-inventor of communications and security hardware, software, firmware & protocols for: HP printers, computers, routers, network controllers, switches & internet attached storage. President; HP HAM Radio Club, Audiophile, Guitarist, Order of the Arrow & Eagle Scout. Norm, Ted & Team are committed to deliver VOVIE to the world on, Android, Windows and Apple devices. Over 30 years we have loved building technology products to; HP, IBM, NASA, JPL, Intel/MIPS/ARM, Seagate, Cisco & others. Our Indie Goal 1 Beta is ready for download. Each Donor can download VOVIE HD Audio Calls in December for Windows and January for Android. Each goal reached enables us to deliver more features on more Android & Apple devices. Be the First to Own VOVIE – Help Fund Our Campaign

Take a look https://goo.gl/XBkhhJ

Youtube: https://youtu.be/sjE6DpQ7pUk
See Campaign: https://goo.gl/XBkhhJ
Contact Information:
Norm Towson, norm@vovie.com, 408-309-4432

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