Water Filtration and Ice Machine in Vietnam: raising money for a social enterprise ice manufacturing business in Vietnam

Water Filtration and Ice Machine in Vietnam

What is the project?

The Sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross are doing a range of good work throughout impoverished Central Vietnam. We want to help their ice manufacturing business and double their ice output by purchasing another machine. The nun’s business is a social enterprise, with all profits going towards the operating and maintenance costs of the St. Vincent Diem Centre for Orphans and Disabled Children, as well as local outreach programs. Another machine will help secure the future of the children in the orphanage and allow the nuns to expand the reach of their social work.


How does it work?

In the summer, when the demand for ice is greatest, the nuns will make 5 tonnes of ice every day for the local community. After paying salaries and other associated costs, the nuns can generate a profit of US$4500 a month. These figures are true for the 4 months of summer. For the remainder of the year when there is less demand for ice, the nuns can make between US$800 and US$2200 every month. 

However, there is still demand in the local market for more output, and with another ice machine there is an opportunity for the business to become even more profitable.

Where do the profits go?

The profits generated by the new ice machine will be directed towards supporting the social work that the Sisters have been undertaking, primarily the St. Vincent Diem Centre for Orphans and Disabled Children. This centre is home to around 100 children of all ages and is staffed by the nuns. Some of the children are living with debilitating illnesses and require care that their families cannot provide, hence the children are placed in the care of the nuns. If the children are able, they are sent to school to study during the day or taught other useful skills such as cooking, music, weaving and sewing. 

Profits from the ice machine will also be directed towards purchasing medicine and medical supplies for the Sisters’ medical centre where they treat the local people, as well as their other community outreach programs. 

History of the project

The Sisters first got involved in the water business in 2009 when Father Binh, a parish priest in Quang Binh, Vietnam transferred his water bottling business in Phong Nha to the Sisters. The nuns ran this business, selling water to the local people as well as to the tourists visiting the World Heritage Phong Nha Caves.

Pictured below are the nuns and their employees branding the bottles. 

Opened in 2009, this is the site of the nuns' first foray into the water business

After realising the potential of their business, the Sisters wanted to expand. With the support of The Cardoner Project, the Sisters were able to open their second water bottling plant and their first ice machine in Ha Tinh Province in 2013. This ice machine and water factory supplies water to the local people as well as to a large number of workers in the burgeoning manufacturing industry in the area.

Below is the bottling station in the second factory.

This is where the filtered water is bottled at the nuns second water factory

How does The Two Wolves: Community Cantina link in?

Opened on the 28th September 2015, The Two Wolves: Community Cantina is a social enterprise eatery & bar located in Sydney, Australia. As an initiative of The Cardoner Project, all profits are directed towards supporting the development programs and goals of our global partners – such as the Sisters in Vietnam. Being a volunteer-run eatery & bar, we are able to minimise operating costs which allows us to direct more funds to projects and partners abroad. 

To thank you for donating to our campaign, we are offering dinner packages for The Two Wolves: Community Cantina. If you aren’t able to claim the package, you can gift it to friends or family and share the love!


Learn More

For more information about The Two Wolves: Community Cantina and The Cardoner Project, check out the links below! If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email: info@thetwowolves.com.au. 

The Two Wolves: Community Cantina



Instagram: @twowolvescantina


The Cardoner Project




– See more at: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/the_two_wolves_community_cantina/Campaigns/Show/water_filtration_and_ice_machine_in_vietnam#sthash.lN96UGGt.dpuf

The Sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross are doing a range of good work throughout impoverished Central Vietnam. We want to help their ice manufacturing business and double their ice output by purchasing another machine.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRW0dMSr6nY
See Campaign: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/the_two_wolves_community_cantina/Campaigns/Show/water_filtration_and_ice_machine_in_vietnam
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The Two Wolves: Community Cantina

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