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Patent-pending design to stop chafing and add more support to men’s underwear. We are second to none!

About this project

Worn by professional athletes, law enforcement trainees, and many more!

It’s your turn to be more comfortable in your underwear

The solution?

Here is a CAD of the design. Take a pair of typical compression shorts (black) and extend material up into the shorts so it goes up the legs (orange) and behind the male parts (blue) in the shape of an H. All skin-to-skin contact now has material in between the two areas contacting each other, and the result is the most comfortable and supportive pair of compression shorts out there.

In an effort to show the function of the design without getting too graphic, I used the golf balls pictured above to simulate what happens when a guy puts the shorts on. You can see the H-shaped insert with everything comfortably fitting in the front pocket.

As you can see they look exactly like other compression shorts from the outside. They are crafted as well as industry leaders and feature the following elements that make up the best compression shorts.

  • Strong construction to withstand wear and tear
  • Flat seams for comfort against skin
  • Soft elastic waistband for comfort and strong hold

What else they’re saying….

How we’ve gotten here

I never found a comfortable way to wear a cup, but it was the chafing and adjusting in my compression shorts and boxer briefs that drove me to come up with a solution. Within the first month of my job I was drawing patterns at work with ideas of how to fix the common problems of male underwear. It didnt take long before I went to the fabric store and was directing my mom on how to sew the first pair. It only took us about 3 yards of purple fabric and 4 attempts at making a pair from scratch until we had something I wore as often as I did laundry. From there I found a seamstress, and 3 months and six prototypes later, we had a design worthy of samples. The feedback these samples received was awesome and I decided it was time to expand. A few months has gone by since I found the factory in Pennsylvania, and I have received some test samples from them that are currently getting their own excellent reviews. Now its time to reach out to customers on a bigger scale so we can share our idea that we think will change the way men wear underwear. Thanks for you help!

Where we are and where we’re going

As of right now we have a finished design. The prototypes we have are the design that will be mass produced once this project is funded. The patterns are complete and all we need to do is place orders for materials and labor.

Once the project is funded we will obviously put together a large factory order. In this order we will include a logo on the waistband and tags to make it a finished product.

Any profits made from this project will be put into advertising and expanding. We want to go from compression shorts to 3/4 leggings to underwear. Once the project is funded, the shorts are made, and the orders are fulfilled, we will be able to test materials and patterns for the leggings and boxer briefs. The idea here is that this innovation needs to be in everything men wear as underwear, and we start with compression shorts.

Sizing Chart (in.)

For sizes smaller than medium or larger than XXL please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Risks and challenges

Starting from scratch without any background in athletic apparel was quite a hurdle. Not only did I have to create a pattern from scratch for compression shorts, but I had to add my adjustments to that. My mom and I created four pairs of shorts with purple spandex fabric and a home sewing machine and I actually still wear one of those today. Once they started to wear down because we didnt have the correct machinery, I found a professional. Then I realized how hard it was to get women to understand a problem created by male anatomy. It also just so happens that most of the people I found to help me were women. The one thing that never waivered, however, was the strength of the idea.

I may not have a background in sewing or pattern-making, but this has been an obsession for me since the first pair of shorts we made at home. The passion I have has driven me to learn so much in the year and 2 months I’ve been working on the idea and I can promise that it won’t stop.

Worn by professional athletes, law enforcement trainees, and many more! It’s your turn to be more comfortable in your underwear
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Zachary Fisher

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