WeWIN – Mobile API platform connecting nonprofits & charities with national brands

WeWIN is Powering the Next Generation of Giving. 

As the cause marketing engine behind the mobile apps of one of the world’s largest nonprofit, WeWIN connects brands and their fans with the causes they care about. Our flexible, white-labeled API provides a completely unique way for nonprofits to engage donors and increase donations through new technologies and mobile apps.

Rarely does a company land the big fish first. Signing one of the world’s largest charities as your first customer grabs the attention of other nonprofits. They watch and see what the leader does and then follow suit. The visibility we received from the success of this national nonprofit and their mobile apps and the seal of approval from them has opened the floodgates to many nonprofits, foundations and brands across North America.


Based in New York, Hurricane Sandy affected our team both personally and professionally, shutting off the power for 10 days. It made us think about what we could do with our technology to truly help those in need.

We reached out to the biggest nonprofits and charities in the world to see what their challenges were and what we could create to make their job a little easier. What they told us was: the old school system of phone calls and check writing does not work with this millennial generation; if they don’t change, all charities are in trouble.

The problems with the traditional system broke down into three main categories:

Lack of Transparency: Where does the money go?

Gen X Cynicism: How much of an impact will this actually make?

Mobile is King: Checks? What are those?

We knew there was a way to bring together big brands and retailers through mobile technology to help increase donations and make the world a better place, and thus, WeWIN was born.

WeWIN’s platform increases donations through mobile applications thereby improving transparency and engaging consumers, retailers, and brands with the causes they care about and showing the impact their donation makes.


WeWIN was selected by a national nonprofit to power their award-winning Blood Donor app in 2014, their new Emergency app in 2015 and has additional projects lined up for 2016. Based on successful performance, the Boost Program has been added to five additional disaster preparedness apps. The Boost Program will be added to the rest of their existing mobile apps as well as new apps under development for this national nonprofit.

Upon launch, the Blood Donor app, including WeWIN’s Rewards Platform, was awarded the Best in Show Award in the category of Most Life-Changing Product by iPhone Life Magazine. Best in Biz awarded the Bronze Award to the Rewards Platform portion of the app under the Most Innovative Service of the Year category. 

In addition, we work with a number of other high-profile brands and major retailers!

We own all the rights to our product and simply license it out to our various partners. This creates multiple streams of recurring revenue for us and allows us to continually expand upon and improve our API.

Up next: Expand our business to other charitable and educational organizations. We have a pipeline of blue chip charities and brands, each from different sectors of the nonprofit world. In order to bring on these new clients and partners, we need financing to hire additional development staff. Please request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile for full funding details.


Our team has worked with some of the biggest brands in the US, creating unique mobile and social media based commerce campaigns.

We’ve had long term collaborations with top U.S. retailers and are industry pioneers in social commerce with innovative social and mobile campaigns.

Syd Dufton, President & CEO

  • 15+ yrs experience driving aggressive growth for early stage tech companies in mobile, elearning, ecommerce & consumer software markets.
  • Took Syracuse Language Systems to successful exit being acquired by Cendant/Vivendi Universal.
  • A Founder of Language Connect Institute, a groundbreaking online school.
  • Secured multimillion dollar investment from Pearson Publishing as VP and founder of mobile learning company AdvanceWork, and winning a USDLA Award for excellence.
  • President of publicly traded Protocall Technologies.
  • Managing Director – City Capital Partners.
  • Has established partnerships with companies including Walgreens, Walmart, Sears/Kmart, Blockbuster, Redbox, Borders, BP America, Alliance Entertainment, Disney, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Universal Pictures.

Aaron Knoll, Co-Founder & CTO

  • 15+ years experience managing entire life cycles of software projects and system designs.
  • Contributed to design/development of Adgregate Markets distributed commerce platform launched by multiple top 100 retailers.
  • Chief Architect of SoftwareToGo. Worked closely with Microsoft’s Anti-Piracy Division in creating new methods of securing software.
  • Owner of several pending patents for apparatus and methods to create and securely distribute digital content, as well as for a method and system to implement a secure return policy of supply chain for digitally stored products.

Jenn Paul, VP Research & Development

  • Played a major role in developing innovative, patented products and technology, including an on-demand entertainment delivery platform and enterprise level accounting system.
  • Helped provide unique DRM solutions for Sonic Solutions, Macrovision Corporation, Rimage Corporation, Primera Technologies and Pioneer Technologies.
  • Key player in developing an ecommerce analytics solutions product, a comprehensive API-driven advertising infrastructure and identity management technologies.
  • Specializes in testing, troubleshooting and implementation of systems requiring high levels of data integrity and security.

Mike Mulry, VP Business Development

  • 10+ years in entrepreneurial business development and management.
  • Former business development manager for Primera Technology working directly with Walgreens on an on-demand solution.
  • Developed an evolutionary cloud/social media based content distribution and ecommerce platform in conjunction with Maxell USA while at Media Distributors.
  • Recognized authority on content distribution and management and guest speaker at numerous industry forums.

Mary Litchhult, Director of Client Services

  • 15+ years of sales, business development and client services experience in the high tech sector.
  • Business development at TitleMatch Entertainment Group and within the legal industry focusing on platform solutions.
  • Developed and oversaw relationships between TitleMatch’s technology partners and content owners, including major movie studios (Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony) and mass market retailers (Walmart, Walgreens, Sears/Kmart, Borders). 
  • Developed in-store marketing campaigns with major mass market retailers (Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot) for national computer software (Microsoft, Symantec, Norton) and hardware manufacturers (HP, Dell, Altec Lansing). 

Rob Nite, Director of Design

  • Over 13 years in the graphics and design field helping companies tell their stories in compelling ways across evolving technologies.
  • 5+ years running his own branding firm with two partners focusing on photography as a design foundation after working independently as a designer and coder. 
  • Spent the last 5 years running his own firm specializing in brand development, design and web technologies prior to joining the WeWIN team.

Our Board of Directors and Advisers are also some of the best in the business.

Craig Schwerdt
JD/MBA, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Member, State Bar of California

Dan Tompkins
Founder, Novus Ventures, Silicon Valley Venture Capital

Christopher Williams
SVP Carver Scientific, CTO AdECN, acquired by Microsoft

Manny Berrios
CTO – MediaBrix, Axle Digital Co-Founder, CTO Member of New York CTO Club

Paul Chesterman
CEO – CFO Tools, Former Controller – Apple Computer

Spencer G. Feldman
J.D., Partner, Olshan Frome Wolosky, LLP


WeWIN is changing the way consumers interact with nonprofits and charities. We call it The Next Generation of Giving: extending transparency to donors and visibility to retailers and brands in a way that was never before possible, eschewing traditional donation methods of phone calls and check writing, and engaging donors through the means of communication they are most comfortable with: the smartphone.

With WeWIN, nonprofits and charities can choose the type of donations they seek: money, blood, clothes, food, or just time.

WeWIN allows brands and causes to connect with their fans in new and meaningful ways. Our white label API includes our Rewards Platform and our Boost Program.

Rewards Platform

The basic premise: Brands offer rewards to consumers for donating to a certain charity.

Example: A national nonprofit needed a way to reach their donors to increase blood donations. WeWIN’s Rewards platform was integrated into their blood donor app. When a donor downloads the app, schedules and makes a blood donation, that donor is given a reward for taking the time to donate. 

Boost Program

Our new Boost Program makes in-app sponsorships available for retailers and brands to boost marketing exposure, complement the user experience and build their loyalty programs while extending offers to the consumer.

Online to Offline

By engaging customers with unique, trackable offers, WeWIN drives consumers online to offline, increasing brick & mortar revenue, becoming an integral addition to in-store campaigns.

What’s in it for the brands?

  • Marketing exposure
  • Align your product/brand to a charitable cause
  • Build your loyalty program
  • Native advertising in front of your target audience
  • Drive people to your stores — online to offline
  • Geolocation targets users in your area

As the cause marketing engine behind the mobile apps of one of the world’s largest nonprofit, WeWIN connects brands and their fans with the causes they care about. Our flexible, white-labeled API provides a completely unique way for nonprofits to engage donors and increase donations through new technologies and mobile apps.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/wewin
Contact Information:
Syd Dufton
Aaron Knoll
Jenn Paul
Mike Mulry
Mary Litchhult
Rob Nite

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