MONTREAL, CANADA, October 28, 2015 – The world’s most advanced 4K Ultra HD smart frame has cleared a last hurdle as the Memento Smart Frame™ finished a successful round of Kickstarter funding 10 days early. The beautifully crafted digital smart frame will now head to manufacturing to fulfill its growing demand of orders. Consumers interested in receiving a great discount on the frame can still do so at the Memento Smart Frame Kickstarter page.

The Memento Smart Frame is a best-in-class display capable of a stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution with over 1 billion colors. Elevating digital pictures into works of art, the unit features a proprietary optical sensor that dynamically adjusts the frame’s brightness to match the room’s ambient lighting; making it virtually impossible to tell it is an electronic display. Memento Smart Frame comes in two sizes: a 25” frame and a 35” frame.

“We are thrilled to meet our Kickstarter goal and would like to thank our supporters for their trust in us,” said Francois Lachance, co-Founder of Memento Electronics. “We’re looking forward to delivering the most advanced digital display available and plan to support it with an ongoing rollout of new feature introductions.”

Memento Smart Frame solves a number of problems common to digital image displays:

  1. Brightness & Power Management: an optical sensor dynamically adjusts brightness to match room and turns itself off when lights are off.
  2. Power Cable: no dangling cords as Memento uses paper thin flexible flat-wire that can turn corners and be painted to completely disappear.
  3. Accessibility: no more flash drives and file copying. Memento is accessed through Wi-Fi using Memento control app on any phone, tablet or computer.
  4. Viewing Angles: Memento’s vivid image is stunning from any viewing angle, not just directly in front.

Specs, videos & additional information can be found online at www.mementosmartframe.com.

About Memento Electronics Inc.

Based in Montreal, Canada Memento Electronics Inc. was founded in 2015 by brothers and serial entrepreneurs, Francois & David Lachance. Along with their team of hand-picked engineers, they conceived of the Memento Smart Frame concept and together worked closely on its design and creation. The founders are widely regarded as innovators in the digital world, particularly in the arcade industry. More information can be found online at www.mementosmartframe.com.

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With 10 days to go, the Memento Smart Frame became fully funded on Kickstarter after the company’s attendance at the PhotoPlus Show in NYC provided a final push to reach their goal. The new 4K ultra HD smart frame now heads to manufacturing.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mementosmartframe/memento-smart-frame-worlds-most-advanced-4k-smart
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