World First Smart Jacket With Charge Function–And With Shinning Exclusive Nameplate, Magic Button, Even Could Transform To Messenger Bag! Totally Over 40 Innovative Designs!


All this time, PowearIN have been asking such questions to you:



  1. What can a piece of clothing do for us, or you may own a powerful mobile phone and a series of cool electronic equipment, but have you ever found really suitable pockets or places for them?
  2.  With the  oncoming era of wearable devices, it also comes the inevitable  problem of battery capacity and life. Are PowearIN prepared to have a solution for charging multiple electronic devices with limited backup battery capacity on a unified and efficient power allocation and management platform?
  3. The expression of human emotion can be no longer limited to languages and texts. Can PowearIN make colors and hugs deliver more messages and feelings between us?

And while providing a solution for all the problems mentioned above, can PowearIN make it more elegant, comfortable, and convenient?


PowearIN have more than once imagined such scenarios:

When you go out, you can find a suitable place or pocket for my cell phone, iPad, kindle, digital camera, house keys, car keys, passport, flight boarding pass and a big or small wallet. In the meanwhile, these pockets could scatter the weight intelligently so as to minimize the foreign body sensation, sagging feeling and pocket swelling.


When you enter the railway station, you don’t have to go through all my pockets and every corner of my bag for a little metro card and be drenched in sweat. What you should do is just raise my hand,  and you can pass the gate, just as simple as that. Metro card is always there when you need it.


When you take off my sunglasses, it conveniently hang on the front. When you have to sign or write, my pen is just in my chest pocket. you can magically pull out a wind-proof face mask  or a pair of eye masks out of the hat when you need them. In the cold winter, you can even stuff my beloved over-ear beats headphone from outside of the hat, and rather than worry about the odd shape of the headset inside the hat which makes me look rather silly.


As it is, could PowearIN think more daring?

When you enjoy perusing facebook, my cell phone is nearly running out of power. At this point, what if there is a connector wire line at my sleeve cuff can do me a favor. But you could hardly feel its existence when you don’t need it. When you put my cell phone into the pocket, there is no extra action needed, charging will start quietly. you can read information and check GPS navigation with my google glasses the whole day, and you don’t need to worry about the battery would run out in half an hour. you can charge the battery of many portable devices at the same time, and distribute power based on their priority configurations. So that the limited energy can be used more effectively and efficiently. You can even share my battery with someone in need.


You can control all the multimedia broadcast, like photos, video, flash without taking out my cell phone. you can even remotely control the cell phone to take a happy selfie a few meters away. To do all of these, all you need is just gently turning the flashing blue button on the chest. When party is over, you am walking in the dark alone. A button on the sleeve cuff could light my way home. you can even detach it and put it on the chest, neck and the brim of my hat, actually anywhere that you want it to be. Oh, hang on, what if the cloth changes into a backpack when you take it off.

If you want to, you can even exchange my electronic contacts with the person I’m hugging. When you meet my dream girl, you can make her feel my heart beats and full of joy without any words.


In order to realize all of these, PowearIN created PowearIN Jacket. It is a piece of clothing, but it is more than clothes. It doesn’t exist for itself to shine, but for you who are wearing it to feel warm and be unique. Indeed, PowearIN have much space to improve. But PowearIN have taken the first step. PowearIN sincerely hope that all PowearIN did will meet your needs. PowearIN are so looking forward to your support. If you want to know more about our product after reading this letter, PowearIN would really appreciated it if you could visit our website or email us.

See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1094218963/powearin-a-jacket-beyond-your-imagination
Contact Information:
1. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/powearin
2. Twitter https://twitter.com/Powear_Michael
3. Instagram https://instagram.com/michaelwang021/
4, Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/112207400459738307537/
Email: pr@powearin.com / powearin@gmail.com

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