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Something most dog- and cat owners have in common is that they, on a daily basis, need to clean after their furry friend. Altogether our cats and dogs poop 3 million times a day and that is only in Sweden. Most people think that this is a pretty gross concern, justified by the reason that it contains bacteria’s that we should not come in contact with.

This is creating a growing problem in urban areas throughout the world. For example in Stockholm 35 % of the dog owners (figures according Södermalms district administration) choose to not pick up after themselves. The only viable solution that exists today is to use poop bag with using of the hand and this may be where the problem lies.

A study made by Znogg from the summer/autumn 2014 shows that 50 % of the dog owners thinks it is uncomfortable to pick up with a plastic bag and 88 % would prefer to pick up after themselves if they did not feel poo through the bag. It was similar numbers for the cat owners where 60 % felt that today’s cat spades are unhygienic and 80 % would prefer a fresher option.

The poo bag is simple, easy to bring and functional in all conditions and textures. But the numbers show that there is a need of having more than 1 mm plastic between the hand and the poop. This is where our product comes in play.

The solution

The hygienic spade in pocket size offers a simple and fresh possibility of picking up after the dog. With the ergonomic shape you scoop up the poop in one single move and you avoid the unpleasant contact with the poop through the bag. You use the spade with a plastic bag, which can be both thin and degradable as the spade also protects against micro holes that lets through bacteria’s.

The hygienic spade for cats works exactly like a traditional cat spade in plastic but can be thrown in the garbage, with good conscience, once it gets insanitary. It can be used multiple times, disposed of right away or be used easily with a bag as you remove the spill.

The spade is made of sturdy cardboard from recycled newspaper. To compensate for disposable use and create sustainability trees are planted in relation to the production of the spade. So you end up doing nature a favor by using the shovel.

Clean and hygienic

The spade is a sustainable disposable product. The material is a eco-friendly cardboard that consist entirely of recycled newspapers. It also enables the use of degradable and environment friendly plastic bags that today have problem to hit the market due to the plastic bag being considered to be too thin.


There is no doubt about the function of the spade. It just adds a positive characteristic for a daily activity which is already existing in both dog- and cat owners. The spade is easy for anyone to use.


You can bring the spade easily everywhere. Either in your pocket or also hanged on your leash with your plastic bag. The spade for the cats can be stored anywhere and even in the litter box after being used. The product is also very simple to stock and distribute to stores with its light and flat shape.


The spade is not only a lasting disposable product from an environment-focused company. It can replace today’s solution that is made in plastic, which in turn are real polluters that emits toxins that takes centuries to decompose in nature. Our product is made in a sustainable material that is growing natural on the earth and that makes it a product for the future.


With the spade for dogs you protect yourself from micro holes in the bag, which lets through bacteria’s. The clean feelings you get also reflect reality. Even the spades for cats are as hygienic since you don’t need to have a plastic spade lying around, full of bacteria’s at home.


The spade is cheap to produce and distribute and will cost only a few crowns per piece for the customer. A low cost makes it easy for the consumers to try out the product, which will help the spade to take place on the market. In the same way the investment is a low-cost for the costumer as it is for the store that takes in our product. This is a financially grateful product with high dividend; as for every new customer you get a guaranteed repurchase.


Many have tried, but there is no other solution in the world, which offers a simple and obvious approach for picking up after your dogs and cats. The spades are both unique and solves an important need with it simplicity, hygienic and environment attitude.


In honor of the inventor of the spade we donate 5 % of the profits to Alzheimers research in the world to help prevent this awful disease.

The launch of the hygienic spade will first take place in Scandinavia, later on to Europe and last in USA under the two coming years. We have the knowledge and we are ready to send out our product. We will primarily use the distributers who can purchase large quantities and in turn sell these to stores in the different regions, with focus on the big cities.


Behind Znogg you can find a small team with a lot of expertise. Glenn is the founder of the spade and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience within sales. To his help he has the creative director Alexandra. Alexandra has a network of creative consultants and also 10 years of experience in the area of innovation. And also there is Ola, the partner who is the CEO for Sweden’s biggest Zoo-chain store and owner of a global litter-company. And lastly, Znogg has the help from advisors from StartUp/Almi – Business Center.

The biggest challenge for Znogg is the risk of replication. That’s why we have IP protection in Sweden, Europe and even in the US. In the future we will have protection for the whole world. In order to counteract our rivals, we believe that a strong brand with a clear environment profile will make a difference.

Znogg will also work on getting eco-friendly poop-bags, to sell together with our spade as an addition to boost the sales further and to give the consumers an overall solution. It is important for us to take the market as soon as possible so Znogg becomes number one and by expanding the team with more people with knowledge and expertise we can take the market even quicker.

The vision is to eventually expand the brand and offer a complete assortment of eco-friendly products for cats and dogs. The consumers are requesting sustainability and stores are in the current situation searching for our kind of brand in Sweden and overseas. Znogg is convenient right now.

Znogg hygienic spade makes it easy to deal with poop. It’s disposable and pocket sized. It’s eco-friendly and making it easy to pick up after your friend.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=FzIvs807Q1Q, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v6PXXBzyX4
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