German Design

Designed in Germany, ZUS sports a sophisticated, yet very functional design. Easily plug in cables of any size into ZUS’ dual ports.

ElegantShine™ Lighting System

ZUS’ proprietary ElegantShine™ lighting ­­provides top of the line lighting for enhanced visibility in dark environments.


Easy to Use. 100% Automated.

Plug in Zus. Install App. Connect. Done! ZUS automatically remembers where you’ve parked your car when your engine turns off. When you need to find your car, simply open the ZUS app.

Outdoor-friendly. No Signal Is Needed.

Find your car even when your phone doesn’t have reception. We love going out camping, trekking, and being in the outdoors, so we worked hard to make ZUS outdoor-friendly.


Smart Device Detection

With its advanced smart device detection technology, ZUS detects what device it’s charging and delivers the  maximum amp output accepted by your device, enabling your device to charge at its fastest speed.


Lightning Charging

Charge 2 devices at their maximum speed, faster than a normal car charger.


US Military Grade

ZUS is the only car charger to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard. It is crafted from the highest grade German Bayer PC/ABS with all metal parts coated in Titanium in order to work under temperatures up to 100°C/212°F.


ZUS Cooling System

Less heat results in longer device lifespan. That is why we designed a special cooling system that results in 35% less heat. Check out the testing results below to understand the effectiveness of the cooling system.

Testing method: We tested 3 car chargers. Each charges one iPad at over 2 Amp output. After 38 minutes, we measured the temperature via a thermal temperature meter. 

The bottom car charger’s temperature went up to 149°F (65°C) after 53 minutes. Imagine the impact of such a high temperature on an electrical device. That’s why the ZUS cooling system is able to double ZUS’ lifespan when compared to other normal car chargers. 

Product Diagram

Compatibility: The ZUS app requires a mobile device with iOS 7.1 or newer OR Android 4.3 or newer. 

ZUS is a truly smart car charger. It doesn’t only charge up your devices at twice the speed but also finds your car with the iOS and Android ZUS app. Say good-bye to time-consuming searches across large parking lots or endless streets. In terms of quality, ZUS is the only car charger that meets US Military Standard.
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