CAT IN A FLAT: set up to socialise and breathe some life into the traditional pet sitting industry




The Idea

Are your furry bosses sitting comfortably? We have a business proposition that’s going to make them think they’ve won a lifetime’s supply of catnip.​

Cat in a Flat is an online cat-sitting service and community. It connects cat owners with insured and local cat-loving sitters.

Our mission is to help our furry friends stay in the comforts of their own home while the owner is away. No more stress, no more catteries, no more guilt.


How it works

Our digital platform connects sitters and owners, to empower cat lovers to help each other in a trusted community.

Cat owners can pick and choose vetted sitters by personality, testimonial or rate – the “uberfication” of pet sitting with the people trust of Airbnb.

Cat sitters get to spend time with furry clients and not have to worry about pet bills or long-term care, and best of all they get paid to do it!  All our cat sitters go through a personal on-boarding process that automatically insures them. We provide them with their own personal webpage, as well as service agreement contracts and a secure payment & booking system.

No more stress:

Although cats are more independent than dogs when it comes to day to day living, they are little creatures of habit and get very stressed if their routine is broken or they are taken away from their home territory/sock drawer. This can make going away on holiday or for work very tricky –  how do you do it without feeling super guilty?

  • You put them in a cattery and they may never forgive you

  • Unlike dogs you can’t just ‘lend’ them to a friend for the weekend

  • Pet charity the PDSA recommend that it’s best if a trusted friend or neighbour looks after the cat in it’s home when the owner is away – but this is a big ask and they’re not always available, and there’s no guarantee your furry boss will even like them!

Our friendly, loving sitters offer a pop-in service, house sitting or home boarding to cater to all cats and their different requirements.

Cat in a Flat is a fast growing, London-born cat sitting community, set up to socialise and breathe some life into the traditional pet sitting industry. With millions of urban cat households in the UK, a convenience driven lifestyle and the expectation of bespoke, trusted services Cat in a Flat has already started to disrupt the $ 7 billion heavy UK pet care sector.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2udHZuICiT0
See Campaign: https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/cat-in-a-flat-20595
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Kathrin Burckhardt
Julie Barnes

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