Logo specializes in designing and producing highly efficient collection systems that not only enhance your décor but graphically optimize your messaging.

RBC holds 15 patents and 7 major trademarked brand groups along with various consumable accessories .

With a dominant ecommerce position in native web searches our sales are realized both on line and with our staff of professional account executives.

58% of RBC clients reorder within 3 months.

Our collection bins are used for Recycling of clothing/textiles, Cans/bottles, E-waste, Paper, plastic bags, books, polystyrene with more being added.
We also provide bins for trash collection.

•- 75% of Fortune 50 companies have fortified their recycling efforts with our equipment.
•- Hundreds of universities and hospitals
•- Thousands of cities, counties, states and schools.
•- The Federal Government, small businesses and communities throughout the world.
•- Hundreds of large events including The Super Bowl, The World Series, City Marathons and many more.

Products / Services

Stock and customized recycling and trash collection bins provides exceptional and unique patented collection bins that are not only aesthetically and functionally superior but also ship flat for tremendous cost savings. Used by governments, corporations, schools, hotels, hospitals and institutions of all types. The product line is uniquely situated to meet the demands and requirements of most all collections. RBC is a single source supplier that sells online and has its products specified in contracts . Further, large regional and national retailers have adopted RBC products and continue to order and replenish as they optimize their stores. With specific bins readily available for both temporary and permanent applications RBC products
assist in recycling and donations of almost all materials. RBC also provides an exceptional graphic design service which customizes bins with both simple and high resolution graphics that result in even higher collections that minimize tipping fees and operation costs while obtaining sust

Recycling and Trash Collection Bins

RBC is a national seller of Recycling, Donation and Trash collection Bins .

Summary: specializes in designing and producing highly efficient collection systems that not only enhance your décor but graphically optimize your messaging.
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