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FuelshakerPro™ is the next step in innovation for Fuelshaker®.  Having launched the successful and revolutionary Fuelshaker® in March of 2015, the FuelshakerPro™ launched on Kickstarter on October 15th, 2015.  This will give fans a chance to be amongst the first in the world to get their hands on the FuelshakerPro™, with some great options to choose from.


Fuelshaker® will be offering the FuelshakerPro™ in Onyx Black and Cobalt Blue.  Rewards tiers start at just $20, with Free Shipping in the US.  With an estimated Retail Price of $30, this offers a great value for fans and backers.

FuelshakerPro™ is the next step in innovation for Fuelshaker®


While the first generation of Fuelshaker® was groundbreaking in the field of shakers with an automatic release system, there was still room to improve.


“At Fuelshaker, we’re always looking for ways to raise the bar in terms of design and innovation of our products.  Having a healthy lifestyle and consuming supplement powders shouldn’t be a hassle. We want to help users keep healthy habits with our innovative systems, giving them the freedom and comfort they need when using supplements,” said Angelo Giuliano, CEO of Fuelshaker®.


FuelshakerPro™ has a Patent Pending Storage and Release System, the Fueler™.  The user stores the powdered supplements inside of the Fueler™, placing the agitator cap on top to seal it shut.  The Fueler™ is then screwed into the open bottom of the cup, for quick and easy solution to carrying supplements.


FuelshakerPro™ comes in Cobalt Blue and Onyx Black


Thanks to its Patent Pending design, the inside of the Fueler™ does not have a stick to push out the Agitator Cap.  This allows for more intelligent use of the compartment, with storage of up to 55 grams of powder.  By just pressing up on the bottom of the Fueler™, the Agitator is released into the cup along with the supplements, making for a smooth mix every time.


The FuelshakerPro™ is made of top quality Eastman Tritan material, making it both durable and stylish.  With an open bottom and top of the actual cup, along with rounded edges throughout, the FuelshakerPro™ is the easiest shaker to clean in the market.


FuelshakerPro™ lets you drink your supplements when you need them.


With the Kickstarter campaign, Fuelshaker® hopes to raise at least $50,000 during the 30 day campaign.  These funds will go towards mass production of the first order, assuring that backers get their bottles as soon as possible after the campaign.



You can view the campaign and pledge from the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1213739336/fuelshakerprotm-the-perfect-shaker-bottle or search for Fuelshaker Pro on Kickstarter.com.  For more updates on the project, be sure to follow Fuelshaker on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.



For more information about the FuelshakerPro™ Kickstarter project, please send an email to kickstarter@fuelshaker.com

FuelshakerPro™- The Perfect Shaker Bottle LIVE on Kickstarter from Fuelshaker on Vimeo.



About Fuelshaker


Founded in 2014 as a partner company of Shakerfactory, Fuelshaker® is a privately held manufacturer of innovative bottles. All of the designs for Fuelshaker® products are done in Switzerland, with input from experts from Sweden and Italy. The team is committed to deliver high quality customer support while innovating to meet the current and future market needs.

See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1213739336/fuelshakerprotm-the-perfect-shaker-bottle
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