Safe Climb Inc.: Innovative, safer, faster construction climbing

The days of archaic construction climbing are over.  Get a grip!

Prototypes are developed, patents are on the way – and the time is here to enter a market that’s devoid of competition.

No more worrying about slipping or stumbling on uneven, slippery beams.  Get sturdy, get comfortable, and get work done with Clawdogs.


While we sit at our desks and pound away at our keyboards, a significant segment of our population is outside in the elements building America’s infrastructure.

These massive projects require a great deal of steel rebar in order to reinforce the concrete and keep the structures safe.  The daredevils that work these jobs are forced to climb and work on this steel – sometimes hundreds of feet in the air – with little more than a harness to keep them safe.  Though often a necessity to complete a job, construction climbing is a daunting process with many significant drawbacks – including these:

Workers forced to fight for toe holds as they climb. Sometimes even cutting rebar ties and modifying rebar spacing to do so, undermining structural integrety.

Rebar is often uneven, offset, and slippery, especially with large teams working at once;

Harness saves you in case of a fall, but it’s still very painful and causes whiplash;

It’s a very slow process, leading to missed deadlines and extra pay;

Drains workers’ energy, especially as they lug up 30+ pound tool belts.

Construction climbing is a dangerous, slow, and exhausting task performed by many tradesmen worldwide.  The status quo for climbers has been accepted for decades as innovation drags behind.  Safe Climb is here to change all that – and revolutionize the industry.


The Clawdog transforms the entire construction climbing experience by eliminating the need to resist gravitational pull, simply by repositioning the workers center of gravity from a hanging on position, to a standing position.

Clawdogs are construction safety devices that make climbing faster, safer, and more enjoyable by allowing for upright standing instead of hanging on. They promise to break the status quo for construction projects around the world, saving time, money, and livees; in the process creating an entirely new industry where non currently exsists.

A Clawdog is a simple and efficient device. It is basically a fancy shelve that straps onto workers’ feet with a claw protruding from the toe that easily grabs onto whatever you’re climbing.  The entire device is  well-built and sturdy and easily adaptable to a number of climbing applications, including rebar cages, columns, curtains, form systems, and even tall vertical ladders. The Clawdog claw is also much smaller than the boots you wear – allowing you to step onto smaller areas you couldn’t access before.

No more hanging, or barely holding on…the Clawdog lets you STAND!  It effectively repositions your center of gravity to its natural position – the middle of your body – instead of the dangerous position of hanging on like a monkey.  Just set the Clawdogs on the structure’s lowest “rung”, step onto them, secure the millitary grade strap, and walk right up… utilizing a fraction of the time and energy of traditional climbing!

Our ingenius design allows the worker to stand comfortably away from the structure while working, then slide their foot forward, repositioning the claw right on their toe; in the same motion collapsing the vertical post 10 degrees, allowing for a fast and natural climbing action.

Amongst Clawdog’s many features and benefits, the safety aspect stands above all.  The ability they have to limit climbing-related accidents has awesome potential to alter the status quo in the Construction Industry.  But, it doesn’t end there.  Try these on for size:

  • Time saving – Get twice as much done and leave with twice as much energy.
  • Money saving – The increased efficiency means fewer man hours and less money spent on labor.
  • Balance and comfort – No more hanging from a positioning hook which causes great discomfort and probable long term damage to a workers hips. Workers no longer need to worry about focusing on balance while performing strenuous tasks.
  • Damage control – No more cutting tie wire and displacing rebar to allow room for your boot toe. The Clawdog claw fits effortlessly into the smallest space.
  • Quality manufacturing – The highest quality engineering, design, and materials used have led to an incredibly sturdy product.
  • Strap safety – Our military grade strap ensures the Clawdog will stay on your foot.


  • Easy repositioning – Climbers can slide in or out from the claw, allowing for easy spot-to-spot movement.
  • Brake – As long as your weight is on it, our built-in brake won’t let you slide forward or backward.

After nearly two decades of climbing structures like a monkey, our Founder and Director Grant Sanford concieved a brilliant (if admittidly long over due) idea. A seasoned carpenter/foreman, Grant has worked for a number of local and national construction giants, including PCL, Sellen, and Skanska.  He’s built a number of bridges and high rises – which often requires spending all day climbing rebar and form systems.  After eventually becoming burnt out from “holding on for dear life”, Grant sought to fix what remains a very dangerous and taxing status quo in construction climbing.  His solution is the Clawdog.

Grant instantly recognized the Clawdog’s value and protected this IP before he spoke a word of it to anyone. Then he went to work developing and building prototypes. Shortly thereafter he founded Safe Climb Inc. and adopted an aggressive business strategy to ensure success.

Safe Climb is backed by a talented Board of Advisors who Grant leans on for business-related advice.  They are:

  • Charles Rupnick, counselor for patent-related matters;
  • The Pillar Design Team, leading product design and engineering;
  • TaceyGoss, providing corporate counsel;
  •  Rob Nicholson, our mechanical expert.

It’s been an exciting past few months at Safe Climb.  In what seems like no time at all, we’ve arrived at an ideal point for securing funding and releasing the Clawdog to the masses.  A number of significant milestones have propelled us along the way.  Here are some of our favorites:

Funding secured and prototypes built.  We’ve spent over 600 hours designing and building fully functional prototypes, raising nearly $50,000 in start-up capital in the meantime.

Developers on board.  Pillar Design is preparing to bid on and produce our next Clawdog prototypes utilizing in house and overseas manufacturing resources.  If needed, other developers have expressed interest too.

Patent filed.  Intellectual property protection is on the way.  With reliable counsel by our side, we’ve filed a patent and have no reason to believe we’ll be denied.  Patents are also pending for our two future products, the Ladderdog, and the Unitag system which easily adapts any form sytem for Clawdog use.

Licensing deals in the works.  Global construction equipment leader Capital Safety (Recently purchased by 3M for $1.8 Billion) has expressed significant interest in a possible licensing deal, and has requested a pair of Clawdogs to test in their lab and gain internal support.

Potential customers are lining up.  Several construction companies have expressed an interest in purchasing Clawdogs for their employees, and we have gained positive market feedback from many construction climbing tradesman.

Needless to say, our future is very exciting.  The next steps involve going through a number of tests by government entities for final market approval and then focusing on manufacturing.  For more information on our future endeavors, please request access to our Business Plan!

Prototypes are developed, patents are on the way – and the time is here to enter a market that’s devoid of competition.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/safe-climb-inc
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