Return Of The God Emcee Tour UK

For Kasim Allah, the June 2013 release of the widely acclaimed album “Living Mathematics” became a landmark in his career as a solo artist. The release, which featured a lead single entitled “Jive Pretenders” with Brand Nubian, would follow his return debut on Lord Jamar’s “Original Man” alongside Lord J and Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan. So, for Kasim, this marked the beginning of a career that had been place on a 15 year pause after walking away from EMI in the early 90s.
Recently signing with R & E Entertainment while operating his own brand (Sandy’s House Entertainment), he is now prepared to take his craft to the next level, completely in control of his brand and identity; something that the music industry was attempting to take away from him. This is where “The Return Of The God Emcee: UK Tour” campaign comes in. Being that “R.O.T.G.E.” is an acronymn for the release of his upcoming April 2016 album, it is important that it is commemorated in such a way that becomes the standard for future endeavors; including the US tour which follows in the Summer. To do that, we need your help.
To be clear, here is the plan: In regards to “Return Of The God Emcee: Uk Tour” we have booked several venues already and continue daily to add more events to the schedule. To make this possible, a team dedicated to Kasim’s brand has worked diligently since his joining to R & E; creating inventive ways to present the energy-filled, knowledge of self driven performance of the “R.OT.G.E.” tour to the public. The result of their efforts is a 10 to 12 city tour of the United Kingdom filled with performances, seminars, radio appearances, and youth based activities; all in the name of the upcoming album. As a special bonus for the listeners, the final version of the album includes an autographed poster, download codes to unreleased music, and shoutout to fans and supporters of “R.O.T.G.E”. In the end, that’s who this tour and album is for, the fans! Whether you are a Kasim or Brand Nubian fan, a fan of hip hop, poetry, or supporter of community activism, this is a project for you.

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Contact Information
Clay Borne (Campaign/Artist Manager)

Follow on Twitter: @rightexactent

See Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/rotge
Contact Information:
Clay Borne (Campaign/Artist Manager)
Follow on Twitter: @rightexactent

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